want feedback


Hello everyone, I uploaded my first item in theme forest and it got hard rejection. But I don’t know what was the actual cause of the rejection.Anyone please tell me, why my item was rejected and give me suggetion for my next item. Thank You.
It was a 404 page.
Here is the link http://demo.itworldltd.com/error404/


Maybe they thought ita wasn’t a 404 page but a real 404


This can be a cause :smile:

and good luck with sale :smiley:


Good luck to You!



May I ask what the feedback was that the reviewer gave you ? (E-Mail)


Thank you for responding.
The mail is saying that my item did not provide the necessary design quality for that category.


Don’t want to discourage but quality wise it is lacking. Try to start over, except this time familiarize yourself with items in the category you are submitting. 404 pages is quite saturated in my honest opinion with many top quality items which makes it a tough category to compete in :cold_sweat:

Don’t like to give a negative review but here it is:
The clouds have jagged edges and overall look bad :mask: They are also moving too fast and are a huge distraction and hurt the eye. The parachute with the box is rocking back and forth too fast. The choice of fonts is pretty bad too, including the search menu with the buttons look quite dated (1990 vintage) with the border highlights.

Hope that helps :no_mouth:


Thank you very much for replying.
Your opinion really makes senses. Now I am quite happy about it.

Would you please suggest me an easy category to compete as a starter. :slight_smile: