My item is latest item on free public sharing website, pleas advice



To day i found my own item on free sharing website, how i can stop it ? have you met same situation? Please advice
Thanks In Advances


not once, not 10 times … You won’t fight with it but there are some good news - part of this sites doesn’t have Your work - they try to earn on some premium account or advertise.

Biggest part of product they have from CM but from TF also … as it’s most popular. You are on the other side of Torrents :wink:


I have that same, the first sales are almost always from these sites.

Since I am on GR, there is no support or updates needed. There is an option to report to support, or directly send DMCA notice to those sites hosting provider, but in my case it means hundreds of notices, cause there plenty sharing sites and on every one I can find many of my files.

At the moment I am also deciding if the effort and time invested to sending DMCA’s could have any reasonable result, because the new sites and uploads will come. :confused:


thanks a lot for your advice


yes thanks


no problem but to be honest today I also get traffic from psd… .xxx I won’t wrote name of domain because I won’t advertise them.