A copyright infringement complaint (DMCA) has been filed.


A copyright infringement complaint (DMCA) has been filed for an Item. I have removed the item.

Now what next?

You don’t need to do anything after that. Just make sure it doesn’t happen again for another item or they may consider closing your account.

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Remove the code that isn’t yours, make your own code, then resubmit a counter notification, so Envato will review it and get it back.

let me guess , from RomeCreation? LOL i recommend not copying other guys files in the first place … after that if u have copyright issues, take out the items that are concerned and everything should be ok , i guess …

this maybe right for coding authors lol the guy is selling templates lol

Is typo comes under DMCA?

LOL did u copy a typo? no , i presume so why should it be? lol

Will people ever stop downloading items from authors and repost them ? Meh.

These people should consider that we struggle and put a lot of efforts in our works, not to mention that this is disrespectful towards other authors.

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well i think this is much an issue, u are right matt … copy in a general way is much of a cancer for all teh guys who take some time to bring as much quality and originality to the table , these efforts should be more protected than they are today …