My item has been rejected, please give feedback for my item.


I submit an android mobile application that is for Instagram video and photo download from share URL.

However, it’s hard rejeceted.

Could you give feedback for my item?

My demo apk file link;


Hello ak_soft,

As far as I can tell, there are many issues with your app:

  • Your app violates the Google Play Developer Content Policy by using the Instagram name.
  • Your app violates the Instagram ToS by downloading content that users are not allowed to download.
  • Your app has a fairly simple graphics and concept, which is below CodeCanyon average.
  • Your app icon does not support Android rounded launch icons (this is a minor flaw).

I can not comment on the item description and documentation, since you did not share those. However, keep in mind that quality should be your aim also when providing item documentation.

Before submitting a new Android app, I suggest you to do the following:

  • Read the Google Play Developer Content Policy and make sure your item is compliant.
  • Ensure you are not using and not quoting someone else’s brand (such as Instagram). Instead, create your own brand.
  • Customize the graphics and colors of your app according to your own brand or provide user-facing customization options.
  • Ensure maximum quality both in your app and in your documentation.

And, most importantly, don’t give up! You did not waste your time just because one app got rejected, you are learning and you are on the right path.

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Thanks for your feedback.

In addition to these, there are some android items in codecanyon, completely same concept and have instagram name;

Therefore, I think, it should not be hard rejected.

Thank you.

Hello ak_soft,

The Google Play Store allows apps that specify the “for Instagram” as a suffix but not apps whose title starts with “Instagram”. Also, the fact that other apps are available does not mean they do not violate their Content Policy. They may get suspended at a later time, when they scan it for good.

As for the CodeCanyon apps that you linked, you see that:

  • They are using custom graphics (colors) and not the Android default
  • If your app is basically the same as another app already for sale, it may get rejected as well.

I am just another Author like you, so I can only make hypothesis. However, what I may suggest is to focus on apps that can stand on their own and do not depend on someone else’s platform (such as Instagram).


Thank you Honeyside, for your feedback.