My item has been hard rejected?

My work was rejected and I cannot send it back, was it really worth rejecting?
Note: Template HTML


Error your design:

  • Color

  • Spacing

  • Error portfolio one image but need more images like 6 images, not one image.

  • padding/margin

You can see another example in ThemeForest approved.


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A few specifics that I saw in the first minute of looking through it.

  • The image in the top left looks squished. Never squish images.
  • The hover animation for the social media icons is very jarring. They don’t need to be that explosive.
  • Throughout the site you have hover effects for elements that aren’t interactable. In general you shouldn’t put a hover effect on something that isn’t clickable, it can be confusing and makes it seem like the site is unfinished.
  • The portfolio page doesn’t work properly. When clicking on Portfolio it defaults to the “All” filter, but only one item shows up. The other items only show up after clicking through the other filters.
  • The URL doesn’t change when changing pages. This is a pretty big deal when it comes to SEO and usability. If I refresh, it starts me over at the home page and I lose where I was. I can’t link to specific places on the site. I can’t use the back button. And search engines can’t properly read the content on the site.
  • When clicking on portfolio items, most of them open an iframe, but the one in “Creative” opens a completely different page. This is not made clear and is completely unexpected. It’s also not immediately clear as to what this new page is.
  • Attempting the leave a comment on the blog for the first time refreshed the entire site, but every other time after that it just moved me back to the top of the page.

Overall, there’s a lot of missing functionality. Your demos should accurately represent how a customer would use it, and in it’s current state it seems like a nightmare to work with.


Thank you

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