Rejected My Item in ThemeForest

Hello everybody.

I ran into an issue today that my item was hard rejected but Themeforest reviewers did not provide any information, they send a standard text when they make hard rejected.

I am very interested to know what the problem is.

Demo: Portfoliox

Documentation link: Portfoliox - Modern Personal Portfolio HTML Template

For earlier thanks to everyone who helped, I will also be glad to constructive criticism

So, you could explore a little more the colors you are using in this item, this “blue” color is very nice with the white background.

However, I have two points to explain:

Portfolio layouts are many on the market, so for this item to be approved, this layout should be unique and innovative, use exclusive graphics, something that is not seen around.

About “John Smith”, you should look for images of the same model in question doing different “things” related to your profession, show how good “Jhon Smith” is at what he does, good images and good text in a section will make the difference in layout, and will make you look more attractive.

Look at the latest approved items in your item category and you will see a big difference in design quality and get some inspiration from them. Something like this will never be approved on ThemeForest, do your homework good before trying again…

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it’s been done a million times before and something similar would not be hard to find for free online.

You need to bring something more unique and premium with new items

Hey! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thank you very much for your help, I really appreciate it!

I :100:% agree with you, there is nothing particularly attractive about my design, which is why they rejected it.

My goal was to create a page that was as simple and enjoyable as possible for the visitor, but unfortunately I missed.


Thanks for your feedback, you are absolutely right.

Your reviews are really helpful

Don’t give up, you are going the right way. :wink:

Thank you :wink: