My item got soft rejected!

Hello, my PHP item got soft rejected.

The reason was - 1. Demo credentials do not work:

I fixed it within 5 mins and resubmitted it again.
Now it’s been 2 days, it still shows soft rejected.
No emails, nothing.

What should I do now?


please check in your Dashboard right sidebar. can you see your uploaded update item there? there should to display your upload with the current status.


Hello TheSocialGrowth,

I would suggest waiting for one week before worrying. A review can’t stay pending forever and my last approved item took 3 days.

Just make sure that your demo keeps working 100% properly, both during review and after.


No I can’t see anything there related to the item!

Ok, I will wait.

Thanks a lot for your help!

as your upload update not in your dashboard right sidebar. then please check in Hidden tab page. if you can see your item there then you have to fix the soft rejected focused issues and have to upload the update by click on the item Edit tab. can you see your item in Hidden tab/page?

I already updated the information.


then please wait for the review result email. Just surprised why in your dashboard not showing your update upload.

@TheSocialGrowth You need to enter the “Update Item & Tags” section, write a “Message to the Reviewer” and then “Save Changes” to request a new review.

Updating details does not trigger a new review, as detail updates do not require approval.

Oh! just see your screenshots and found you have updated only the details. But you must have to edit the tites and tags section and have to let the reviewer know that you have updated the details and also will be better if you upload the full items again and click the update button mean submit the update. you have to mention in the commnets for the reviewer what chnages youhave made to fix the issues. thanks

Thanks a lot for helping.
I am uploading every file again.
Also can you tell me what file do I have to upload here?

Should I make an index.html file with iframe code to my demo site?

you can keep it blank. it is optional for php.

You are not required to reupload the files. “Save Changes” after writing a “Message to the Reviewer” is enough. That is, unless you actually made some changes to the files.

The demo will be iframed from Envato, you only have to provide a URL.

Thank you! @mgscoder @Honeyside

please check your php version