How to know the status of my item after resubmitting (Soft Rejected)

My item was soft rejected due to some issues in the title. I fixed the title, re uploaded my full code (as I made some changes after the initial submit) and resubmitted. It’s been around 10 days since I re-uploaded but my item is still sitting inside “Hidden Items” tab and it’s labeled as “Soft Rejected” and there is no sign that the item is being reviewed or waiting in the queue for reviewing.

So could you please tell me how to know the current status of the item? I am actually eagerly waiting for it get published. Should I delete and re upload the item again ? In that case it will take another 15 days to get reviewed, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance

you will see your resubmitted item status in your dashboard right sidebar. when your Item review will finish you will be get notified through email. Please keep patience hope you will get email soon and will know the result for your Item. Thanks

Thank you very much for your reply. I checked my dashboard as well. The status of the item was there initially but I just noticed today that it is not showing anything about the item. That is why I was wondering what actually happened.

Also a little correction. My item was soft rejected due to using a particular word in the title and the reviewer asked if I can clarify why I used that word. So I explained it in my reply with my updated code along with some other modifications.

Is there any email address or any channel to communicate with the support team to know about the current status?

Thank you very much.


please never change anything that your Item reviewer didn’t focused. If your reviewer asked any question then you should to answer the question when resubmit. If your reviewer didn’t focused any update then you shouldn’t update your Item. If you don’t see anything about your Item resubmit in your dashboard and if you still can see your Item in hidden Tab then you can resubmit the Item with only reviewer focused issues update.


OK. Thank you very much.