See status of item submission?


first time author here so sorry for my noob question.

I have uploaded an item for review, it has been rejected due to a major bug.

I have fixed that, i have submitted for approval the plugin but i do not got any email about the status.

How can i see if there is everything ok? It has been more that 20 days since the resubmittion and i want to know if there are needed something extra from my side.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello, friend, you are welcome to this community, :slight_smile:

  • There is no problem in asking any question or problem you face, everyone is here to help.


  • According to my knowledge and experience, there are no specific days for reviewing, so it may take some time, and this is normal.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot review a process or know any progress on reviewing your project from the reviewers, except that you can cancel the review process.
  • If the reviewer who reviewed your project & would like to submit any notes or additional matters from your side, he will attach them to an e-mail for a soft or hard rejection.

Things that can solve the problem of delay:

  • You can cancel this process, and look again for your project, (make sure to fix all errors), and also it must be of great quality.
  • Re-upload it as a new item (name + display images + logo + description) .

NOTE: Take care to make a big change in the source code.

Thank you. wish you success.

If it is still under review then you will be able to see it in your author dashboard.

If it is not there then it has been rejected and you should have received an email - but make sure your email notifications are correctly turned on.

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Thank you so much for your valuable updates.

It seems that it is not under author dashboard meaning it has been rejected but never got any email.

I will upload it again, after i improve the overall quality and i have updated my emails notifications.

Thank you!

Be careful to make significant change (like a new item) before resubmitting otherwise there’s a danger of being blocked