Time to answer an item?

Well first I come to thank all moderators of the submission who helped me, where I made a system and managed to make my site work in the iframe, removing all header, more going to the subject, yesterday I resubmitted my item that suffered mild rejection, and wanted to know if it is normal not to answer, or if you have time, my item was posted yesterday afternoon, I appreciate all the help. :smiley:

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Resubmitting an item for review within the PHP category takes up to 3 days. So wait.


I realized, thank you, God bless you, they usually respond at dawn, but today was not ok, I’ll wait for the deadline, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

To be clear that link that @Typps shared is not a deadline or guaranteed.

It can take less time or it can take more time. There are many factors which influence this.

So I’m going to resend it, so I thought it was strange, I was fixing the demo, they answered early, I will resend it, to see if there was no problem, more was added to the history.

Constantly resubmitting is a very very bad idea, as it could be seen as trying to manipulate the queue, and could easily end in items being blocked.

You need to be patient. If you have submitted the item then you should wait for it to be checked. 24-72 hours is not an unreasonable amount of time and it could well take longer.

It was not sent constantly, I sent it in the afternoons and they answered at night, for me it wouldn’t be constantly, it’s been 1 day since the item was sent, I looked, it seems that it didn’t send the main file.

Okay, I’m going to trust you that I won’t upload again, maybe it’s upload abuse.

You can see if it is queued in your profile under ‘currently processing uploads’

Bear in mind - if your demo was not originally working then you will get a soft rejection but the reviewer will not have considered the item yet without that demo working.

Well, it is pending, because the item’s history has this last shipment of mine from yesterday, maybe this morning it will be answered, I believe :slight_smile:

If it is pending then leave it alone and do not resubmit again.

I’ll wait until tomorrow, if you don’t answer, I resend it.

as an author I would like to say don’t do it (except you have made changes in your item coding). keep patience is the best things in this case. Sometimes it can take some more times to get review.

Even if you can resubmit - it will mean you are restarting your wait time which is counterproductive and will delay you further! Again, it could easily lead to items/accounts being blocked too.

If you are not comfortable being patient for both reviews and potential sales then you are going to struggle big time in a stock marketplace

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Yes, markets are complicated but in the end it’s always worth it, especially in terms of envato :slight_smile:

Yes, I will follow your tip. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I woke up, without their email in another day, should I wait, or could there be an error, or do I have to wait for the deadline to pass?

I will wait for the deadline, they must be very busy, I must respect it. :smiley:

The point is that there is no fixed deadline - as long as it shows pending in your profile then you have to keep waiting

Only once it is no longer pending and you have had a decision should you do anything else

Yes, maybe it was ignored from the resubmission list, it may be a possibility, but I will wait, if the deadline is not answered, will I be able to resubmit or would I be violating the upload rights?