My item Flyer has been rejected, please guide me

I have made 3 color variation school flyer but rejected can you please guide me so i can do better next time.


hi , no doubt that u have done your best and dedicated some time to creating your item, , though, indeed, there is really really much to do in order to make this flyer be in keeping with standards, specially at a time when hard rejections are so very numerous indeed …

first of all u have a real issue as regard to the organization of texts, the way they are flagged or justified which is basically differing almost all the time, when u are expected to have a coherence and consistency, in other words to more or less select an option and try to stick to it

in addition, the hierarchy of information is not clear and does not logical or clear enough. U have to try to value main titles for instance. The typo thing in a general way is kind of too flat, when, here, u are expected to have a real work as regard to this point.

U are using also too plain colors in my view whn the current trend is rather to use gradients indeed, not to mention that the colors u chose did not generate a real harmony sometimes, like the red and yellow one

i am also not sure that the central shape in which there is the main picture is a good idea indeed as this is making teh thing look unbalanced text wise

basically your item is too raw … it would take more work to make sure that the thing looks aesthetics visually speaking. Try not to rush, take your time to create your items, give teh very best of yourself, u have to feel like that u have created something worth the drive paying for and which is pleasant visually, readable and in which information - especially the main one - must pop up

Your flyer looks outdated. Try to play differently with the main image.

Thanks for your guidance and help, I will do better next time and follow your instructions.

Thanks again.

I will try to make better. Thanks.