My icon pack got hard rejected, please tell me why.

Hi, my icon set got hard rejected. Kindly look at my icons & let me know what might have gone wrong.

Link to my icons for review:


Hi, I looked at the icons and think the reason is the overall quality of the item.
Your icons don’t have consistency in the design and that is one thing that you should improve. You have different border widths, the icons don’t seem to be aligned to a pixel grid and because of that lack clarity, or look distorted.
Some of them are very hard to understand (what they mean).
Also you should add more variety and make your icon pack thematic if you want better chances of not being rejected.
Here is a resource that will help you understand some of the basics on how to use icon grids and make a more unified icon pack.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. Next time I will keep consistency in the design & maintain a uniform border width across all icons.
Also thank you for the resource link.