My icons set rejected. Please, need help!

Hi, dears! Have reject: ‘We have completed our review and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward’.

Color gamma is not nice. And some of the icons are hard to visible. I mean that the background and some icons have the same tone. I guess it will be great pack, when you will change the colors! :wink:

In addition to above content make sure you have considered the back ground and content relationship when placing the icon inside the circle, specially they don’t have enough breathing space. The other thing is the icon sizes, they are not to be in the same size obviously, but visually they have to be appeared as they are in the same sizes (proportions) ex : your lock icon should be scaled down compared to the speaker icon. Thirdly the lighting problem, as your icons are having the shadows on the right side the circles may have the same direction for the shadow, that’s not a must in an illustration like this but at-least the drop shadow should be a bit more precised