Second icon set submission Hard Rejected

I submitted an icon set a couple of weeks ago that was hard rejected, and got some great feedback from the forum about how I could make it better: [First icon set Hard Reject]

So, I spent about a week revamping the entire set, submitted it, and was hard rejected again. Since the only information I have to go on is, “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward,” I don’t really know what I’m doing wrong. I feel like the new set could use a little tweaking (resizing windows, removing an element here and there, increasing spacing on some elements, maybe taking out a couple of icons that don’t quite fit the overall style, etc.). But, given that I can’t just do that and resubmit because of the hard rejection, it seems like I’m making some major mistakes that I’m just not seeing.

Any constructive suggestions you guys can provide would be much appreciated. This whole thing is kind of bumming me out, and making me not want to try selling things on here.

hi this is way nicer than your last set indeed, much more harmonious and coordinated but i still tend to believe that lines maybe a bit thin and that the color combinations could have been more efficient again, pls think about complementary colors, about shades f the same color and about theme colors reading the target that u are aiming at . for me the caption with varying font is not a good idea visual, some names are hard to read and as the sizes and style do not match , u introduce some disharmony and misbalance by doing so