My HTML Template is hard rejected

Please, could anyone provide some useful tip or feedback about my rejectedd HTML Template:

Thank you all in advance.

Hi ,

Good luck

Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I really need these kind of direct tips and advice …

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

  • With respect the design itself just isn’t really there. It feels very basic/freebie ish and lacks detail.

  • There’s issues and inconsistencies with alignment (e.g. about button), typography (esp. titles and headings), margins, padding (on each section) in places

  • There’s nothing unique or stand out about it and this is perhaps the most crowded category on the marketplace with some serious high standards now to compete

First of all thank you for your response. This is very important to me that very important and experience member of this community provided a feedback to me.
Why I’m pointing this out? Because this is my third rejected item on Envato (two others were graphics), but for the first time I got direct and very useful feedback from a respective Envato member.
This means so much to me, because I finally have something that I can use in order to improve my future works that I will submit here.
I don’t have a problem even if you said …man this is cr…! I want to become Envato approved author not just so I can earn from selling items, but to get a sort of proof that my work worth something.
I understand that there is a LOT to work and improve, but at least I finally know WHAT to improve!