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Hello fellow authors & moderators,
Template html Hard Reject
I need feedback



With respect, the design is pretty outdated and there are some bad aesthetics choices like the color scheme and an unclear visual hierarchy. Icons and imagery looks poor. There is much to say about this rather than spacing issues and responsive viewport. For now, this is far from the current expected quality standard. Remember a thing when you work for Envato, you got to build products that are going to sell. This one would sell at most a few. Keep working and don’t give up, but try to resubmit projects too early might make you face hard rejects again. Better improve your skills to build professional product for now. But that’s only my opinion. Thanks!

First, the best place to get the errors or the parts you should fix or update is from the reviewer report.
anyway, what I can suggest is ( as a client ):

  1. Fix a warning I JQuery ( I don’t know the reason ).
  2. Your Page Doesn’t Load Fast Try optimizing the images and includes only the user files for every demo
  3. as @ cssninjaStudio said the design is a little bit outdated, I know you wanted it like this because I can see that you have the required abilities to do a modern one, just keep working on it and take a look on what is selling now.
  4. I’m a developer not a designer but I can see that it could be better with more spacing and better typography, the typography is so important for the SEO and the reader.
  5. :face_with_head_bandage: I found a broken link and i think only this can get you a hard reject.

My best advice to you is to not change anything in theme for now just go check errors broken links, optimize the code and the images, use google search console to fix the typography and the mobile problems.

I checked the SEO websites to see broken links and i found this report:
100% scanned - 210/210 URLs checked, 203 OK, 7 failed

The Design is not outdated compared to its category, yes it’s outdated compared to for example landing pages but it works fine for its purpose

last thing: I’m no pro (designer), I’m not working on Envato, but I can say that your item needs only some modifications as I said before and it can get a [soft-rejected] then it’s easy, your design as I said before isn’t that outdated in its own category Take For Example [Metro] (https://themeforest.net/item/metro-a-responsive-theme-for-phpbb3/4559274) with over 2,000 sells and it’s so basic ( i know it’s not the same category I’m just telling you that your design doesn’t need to mush work )