my HTML ecomerce theme has been hard REJECTED ! PLEASE HELP

Hello ;
i got a reject after 2 days of submission my theme
can anyone help me to know what is wrong with my theme
this is the demo:

Too basic, not focused on the details, font/typo issues along with some spacing issues but most important it feels unfinished.


thank you for your answer, I would be grateful if you tell me more information how it is unfinished and what detail should i focus on

  • Overall typography, and spacings needs to be improved.
  • Hierarchy is bad. All the fonts are bold with almost same size, don’t know which one to look at first.
  • User & Whislist buttons on header looks oval shaped.
  • Blog section looks really bad. Also don’t use a dummy title. Make it look realistic on the demo.
  • Animations are too slow.
  • Buttons need improvements. Some have no hover, some with hovers are too slow.
  • Section titles are too basic
  • It’s lacking consistency
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thank you for your answer , your comments will really help me :pray:

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