Why did my HTML eCommerce site get rejected? Need help!

So i got a hard reject on my html eCommerce website so I wanted to post it here to see if I could get some feedback on why this happened. I really need you guys help so anyone who has gone through the process and can help me get this site approved I would really, really appreciate any comments.
This is my site. http://www.youbestlifenow.com/

Thank you.

With respect as far I have checked found color, visual, typography and spacing issues. Please study more on trending Items of this market. You have to provide best UI. So don’t worry just spend some more times to study on the market.

Thank you for your feedback. I will follow your advise.

Hold on this item is it your design ? I see another author’s logo in this template

what is this https://themeforest.net/item/furnilife-furniture-ecommerce-bootstrap-4-template/22841666?s_rank=2 ???

u r submitting allready approved item and its not yours ?


Wow! Now this entire thing is making more sense. I had a friend of mine help me with some of the design because I was juggling a few designs at once. Now I got to get back to him because I made sure he knew that everything had to be original designs.

Thank you Themezinho you just saved me a lot of aggravation. So glad I posted this.

Are you serious ? Your friend design it ? What about codes ? Codes are also same. How you gonna explain about same codelines ? Same author logo ICO files

I told him about cutting corners on this. Not sure whats going on with that. Its getting me really upset to be honest. Obviously If I knew about that I would not be foolish enough to post someone else work to get help… I just sent him a message and waiting for a reply.

Hey @Relodeit,

Your item is exact copy of @HasTech do not try to submit it into Themeforest your account will be suspended by DMCA.

Remember we are here for Envato is a community of creatives who come together to share ideas and help each other succeed.But you are going to create violation.


Understood. Thanks