My First WP theme uploaded to TF. Need your feedback!

Hello everyone!
Please i need your feedback about my first premium WordPress theme.
Do I have a chance to get my theme approved??

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With all dues respect you are quite a way off being ready for here.

Validation issues which needs resolving

Typography and spacing throughout need work

Logo does not look great

Needs to demo alternate home pages, individual post types.

You need to either be non exclusive or take it off your website (even as free)


Thanks for your quick reply!

The other theme is the lite (free) version. It’s completely different from the Premium version. Do you mean TF doesn’t allow to publish free themes based on premium themes?

I agree with you, the logo looks ugly and it needs to be replaced and typography needs some reworks. But is didn’t understand “Needs to demo alternate home pages, individual post types.” and "Validation issues which needs resolving"
Please would you explain more to me?

You’d need to check with envato but I have a feeling that you can’t offer even the free version elsewhere if you are exclusive. (I could be wrong).

Validation: needs fixing

This is a super competitive category with some seriously high standard files. If you consider the competition many offer various layouts for home pages and/or blog feeds.

You have a link in the nav under ‘even more’ which says post formats - you need to show these off e.g. video, gallery, quote, image etc.

Generally the design needs to be modernized a bit - right now it (again with respect) lacks premium feel or features.

Also saw on your list version that it struggles with IE - make sure that you are meeting all the submission requirements which include supporting IE to some extent (not sure if it is now IE9 or IE10)

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Again, thanks for your valuable suggestions
My theme supports 2 home variations: small thumbnails & large thumbnails but still need to setup another demo site to show the other home variation (archive layout)
My theme is for personal blogs that’s why it supports only blog layouts but anyway I will do my best to extend its features.

I agree with Charlie. Unfortunately theme will not be approved. :no_mouth:


Your theme is not ok for ThemeForest.
Watch the top products to understand.
The main problems are the typography, attention to detail, demo presentation . The logo is horrible. Need more features (post types, pages, elements) .
At first it’s hard. Do not give up .
Good Luck


Thanks you all for your feedback!
I am a bit disappointed but I will try again and again :smile:

Something key to remember - you are developing here for a stock market not traditionally.

Every buyer is likely to be different and have varied expectations or plans for a file. With this in mind (and without bloating the file with a million and one options) making it versatile and flexible is an absolute must.

This is not a ‘requirement’ for approval but it a ‘consideration’ from reviewers.


I was curious to know what is the framework you used to develop the theme?

Just Underscores (_s) by Automattic

I have changed the logo
Its now just “RedWaves” written with Pacifico.
Guys please share your opinions!

For WordPress category unfortunately your theme will not be approved. but on Blogging category I think is get approved, because you have more thinks should do to get approved bro :frowning:

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