Need Feedback - theme ready for submission?

Hi everybody,

I would like to submit a minimal WP blog theme for reviewing. Before I do I would like to get some feedback on the overall appearance and functionality of the theme and on the things that still need improvement. What interests me most is the following:

  • Is the theme qualified to become a premium theme or should I make it available for free?
  • Is the design and layout elaborate/interesting enough
  • Could the theme reach potential buyers?
  • Does the theme work flawlessly on your desktop/tablet/phone?

I hope that this will save the reviewing team and me some time :slight_smile:

The link to a demo installation:

Hinayana WP Theme

Thank you for your time, your thoughts are very much appreciated.

Have a great week -

As it is I doubt very much you would be approved.

There’s not much especially wrong but it lacks the stock marketplace direction and approach.

You need to consider:

  • There’s a few bits and pieces with the basics likely typography esp hierarchy which could be improved (based on these forums the reviewers are getting more strict about this too) and some of the spacing in places.

  • You definitely need to consider more layouts and options around home page, posts. category pages etc.

  • The nav is not bad but would be helpful to have different locations e.g. off canvas right rather than left, regular top of the page version etc.

  • Some of the post features are a bi basic esp the gallery, which looks and feels like a regular WP one? More layouts, more designed galleries etc. appeal.

  • Adding these features and detail will be important to add a premium feel. Right now while it’s not a bad theme it does no jump out ahead of what can be found on WP .org and with buyers of different experience here you really need to make the benefits painstakingly obvious

These ideas are partly to do with getting approved but also around sales. there are a great number of seriously high quality, diverse, versatile and extended themes for sale here and to realistically compete any author has to approach themes for sale here with the competition in mind.

Good luck

Hi Charlie,

thank you very much for your detailed feedback.

The aspects you mention all make sense to me. I will modify the theme based on your suggestions, add some more details I came up with yesterday, and then try to submit it. If it won’t get accepted I will offer it as a free download instead.

Just one more thing: Could you elaborate a bit more on the aspect of typographical hierarchy and spacing? Maybe I can improve the overall layout with relatively small effort.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


The hierarchy is just about styling and distinguishing different typographic elements. Right now it’s all a little generic and samey.

As mentioned the theme is it bad but it’s a Uber competitive space and if you want to go with the simple layout then the design needs to be flawless

I understand, thank you for clarifying the issue.

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i hope it will approve but 50 50.