My first PSD Web Design was Hard Rejected !

This is my first PSD Web design. I am nnew in themeforest. After I submitted my PSD Web Design, My design was hard rejected with the reason that it isn’t quality standard by themeforest.

Any help for reasons ? thank you.

Screenshot here:

Hi there!

1. Does your submission only contains this PSD file? If yes, then its too less. Try to add more pages, like My Account, Checkout, Stuff like that :slight_smile:

2. Here is my feedback for your PSD:
– Unprofessional fonts used. Try some cool combinations of fonts.
– Because its a PSD for hostings you need to use more corporate fonts/graphics.
– Too many icons on one single page :slight_smile:
– Make your item more attractive in terms of graphics. Its a bit boring.


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Think you @ThemeSLR , my submission contains 13 psd , and what about the height of the page ?

In my optinion the height of the page doesn’t matter as soon as you have interesting elements on it. So improve current elements and give it a new try :slight_smile:

But the most important, change that font (from logo/headings) :wink:

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Thank you @ThemeSLR I will give it another try :wink: , your’ so helpfull :slight_smile:

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I agree with @ThemeSLR

-You have to make changes to the typography.
-Improve white spaces and proximity.
-The focal points need to be improved.

You still feel something empty. Remember it has to be pixel perfect.

PSD can be a difficult category but I give you the courage to continue working hard. And soon it will have better results.

Good luck


Think you @TexTheme , the focal point you mean the header is empty

Alignment is very important. And in their design there are elements very distanced from each other, there is no relationship between them.

Focal points should be worked on better, to generate appropriate calls for action. Try to improve on the hierarchy.

Try to define which is more important and which is less important in your design.

Good luck

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