My PSD Web Design was rejected, please help my design

Hello, all…

This is my first PSD Web design. I am newbie and just learning Web Design. After I submitted my PSD Web Design, My design was hard rejected with the reason that it isn’t quality standard by themeforest.

thank you for helping me…!
I am so sorry with my english.

Please, give me help to create the good design concept. Give me feed back for my design below.

With respect you are a long way off the necessary standard.

  • Are these the only pages?

  • Are you designing to a grid?

  • All the basics e.g. typography, spacing, alignment, margins, hierarchy etc. need a lit of work

For example the header elements are not aligned nor are the text/button below the main slider

The typography is not good on the slider, and you have around 5 different styling on text going on just on this home page

social icons don’t align and look stretched

  • Generally the design does not feel modern nor premium and needs more to it and a lot of polishing.

Bear in mind that PSD is one of, if not the hardest category to get approved in - designs need to be very high quality (enough to warrant someone wanting to code it) and pixel perfect in deisgn i.e. there is zero room for error

Thank you for your advice…so I have to improve my all design concept…can I improve just this design or I must create new other design?