My first HTML template hard rejection - request for feedback

It’s pleasure connecting with you…

Recently I received a hard rejection for my first HTML template submission and would appreciate your professional insights.

The demo link is Rois - Personal portfolio HTML Template

Your feedback is invaluable, and I am committed to refining my work based on your suggestions. Thank you.


Welcome to the envato forums.

Looking at your template quite quickly it just lacks enough quality to make it onto the marketplace here. Yes of course it works, but there are bits that show lack of attention to detail.

Example on the portfolio listing pages the black text over the images can be hard to read.

The single portfolio page where you have “image title 1” and “image title 2” would have been better if it was saying something like a title rather than just what you did :wink:

There are other errors, but overall look well done, and for someone out there the theme would be great. But it does not match up to the quality expected on the marketplace so that is probably one of the reasons it was rejected.

Don’t give up :slight_smile:


You need to improve the design of your item. I am trying to share my feedback:

  1. Improve the style and visibility of dropdown menu:

  2. The home page does not look good. Try to organize elements well so that a visitor does not get confused.

  3. You have services page, but service detail page is missing.

  4. Single portfolio page does not load from the portfolio page. The link has error.

  5. Text not visible in comment form:

Overall there should be more pages in the html and improve the design.

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I’m beyond grateful for your thoughtful feedback on the design. i’ll improve this design as per your advice. Once again, thank you for taking the time to provide such detailed feedback.


Your advice has been most helpful — thank you! i’ll come back with better design and try resolve all issues you pointed out. It’s truly appreciated, and I’m committed to making the necessary enhancements based on your suggestions.

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