my html template rejected, feedback please

My item has been rejected!
I need feedback please !!!

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

Your template does not provide a unique enough design with the necessary design quality, features and options to compete in the marketplace at this time. As higher quality templates become available in the marketplace, approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace quality.

I think we’re reached a point of saturation. At this point, we’re only looking for unique variations of this design: for another one to be approved it would have to have a couple of unique touches and features that differentiate it from what’s already available and definitely be of higher quality.

You might consider improving your design with more unique features and graphics in order for it to stand out among other marketplace items. However, a unique design will be a key factor for approval.

I know it’s frustrating to be rejected citing uniqueness but recently, we’ve gotten a large number of template with the same overall features and presentation and we have to draw the line somewhere.

  • The styling makes the pages feel a bit out of date - dull yellows, light grey, font choices

  • I’d suggest making multiple variations of the portfolio pages using the different ajax, lightbox etc (adds value to the item and creates more consistency)

  • duplicate content feels a bit lazy and hard to read

  • really not sure about the page title fonts

  • add a footer throughout

  • front page variations would add value


Thanks for your feedback, I updated the post with reviewer comment

They have a point in that there are a LOT of resume type items - that said add portfolio and front page variations, modernise the design, try to find something more unique for example ou could do some kind of interactive/animated/scrolling timeline which tells the subject’s career/work etc. to make it stand out

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