My first attemp for SWIFT withdrawal and I'm confused


Previous month, I entered my IBAN number and bank information and started to wait for June 15. Earnings label (at the top of the page) was 0$ for a long time, since I requested whole money.

On June 15, I got no mail, no warning, no error and transaction history says this:

Amount Payment Method Date Processed
$8XX.XX (less $25.00 transaction fee) SWIFT 15 Jun 2017

BUT money seems back in my earnings label at the top of the page. When I try to save a new request, it says:

You can withdraw up to $8XX.XX

What’s happening? It seems things didn’t work somehow, but I had no email about this.

Wouldn’t it be better if they informed me what gone wrong?
I need to work with SWIFT since Paypal doesn’t work for Turkey.


For any issue related to withdrawals / payments please submit a ticket to Envato Help Team. They will easily clarify the problem for your.

Good Luck!

Hi. I had the exact same problem as you. Could you please tell me, what happened, after all?