My Fashion banner 20 PSD Files set has been rejected why?kindly explain?

My Fashion banner 20 Files set has been rejected why? kindly please explain please. its the same file i used from my approved item to make 20 different sizable file , can you please explain why this happen to me so i can avoid this.

Kindly please see below my preview files and some my banner resizable options

please give me proper feedback
thank you

Preview Thumneil

hi there are numerous issues indeed

first of all typo
typo is too flat and not harmonious, not worked out enough, sorry to say just this …

2- hierarchy of information
there is no impact in what u did and thus this is simple, no text is popping out and there is nothing outstanding enough

3- positioning of texts and alignment
all seems to be more or less random , there is a collection of spacing errors indeed

4- badly cut model
this looks clearlynot pro and u give very little chance for your job to go through such an aesthetics killer …

Hi n2n44, this is really helpfull comment on my design that where i am going wrong , generally i am doing what others are doing, see this link

there is model is cutting but still his design is approve. so i am trying to doing like this. but no worry i will defiantly work on my design thank you

don’t think this way buddy in this case u do not mind what others do … the thing is that a badly cut model makes the item look not professional , so whether others do or not does not matter , just do the thing so that u can possibly get approved and that once approved your item looks good enough so that people feel like buying indeed