My banners rejected 2nd time please help someone

Hi there,

My banners rejected 2nd time please help someone , check my attached files and tell me where i am doing wrong. this time i uploaded nice preview image also i uploaded proper thumbnail image then why its happen? i given all info in help file also then why its happen to me? please help me check my files once please please please preview2

Help File
Fashion AD Banners for Facebook & Instagram
1200x628px &
Features :
• 36 Creative & Unique Design
• Optimized for Facebook & Instagram
• Compatible with Photoshop
• Everything is fully Editable
• Smart Object Layers used for easily replace image
• Layers are fully Organized
• PSD files
• Photos
• Free font used
• Help file included
• Images are not Included in main files

Font Used :
Poppins :

Gloss And Bloom :

Satisfy :

Note :

  • The images / Photos are not included in main files is only for previewing
    Purpose, so you have to replace the images by yours.
  • All Purple color layer are JPG / image layer written “JPG here”, you have to put your image in that place.
  1. What do you need to used for Fashion AD Banners?
    Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Illustrator (only if you want to edit the vector, you can change the color and layer mode from Photoshop also)

You Need to Download and Install the font ;

Poppins :

Gloss And Bloom :

Satisfy :

  1. Files included :
    a) File1 included Facebook Banners 24 PSD in Two different sizes 1200x1200px & 1200x628px

b) File2 included Instagram banners 12 PSD size 1080x1080px

c) All files Jpgs not included preview jpg

  1. How to Change the Jpg file
    All images/ jpg are in smart object color mode. You need to double click and open smart object layer and replace image with your imageSee below image selected layer is Smart object layer double click change the image and save
    Change the image from here

  2. How to Use the vectors?

  • All vectors layers are in smart object mode. You need to double click and it will open in adobe illustrator software2 1
    Double click and Change the vector

Support :
For any help regarding this files please fell free to contact me through my portfolio page and I will be glad to help you.

i given all info in help file also then why its happen to me?

Your banners has lack of creativity and originality and you have issues with fonts pairing., alignments, spacing. There are too many similar designs out there and many are free.

hi in almost cases, u have a real issues when it comes to the lay out indeed as texts seem a bit spread around randomly indeed, this is having an impact of both the hierarchy and harmony … in addition, as mentioned by @DesignSomething, u do not bring anything new to the table so to speak and the whole set is sort of lack graphic design work indeed, u need to push the envelope in this side, if u ask me…