My Developer is not replying to my issue since a week

I have asked a developer simple question that my height of the div is not increased even after changing the dimensions of the image. till today he is not saying the answer to whom I need to say this concern. Can Any developer can help me in this?

This thread is not support - support clearly does not cover customisation (regardless of the fact that authors may choose to offer advice depending on the request).

The author has provided base instructions, which unfortunately are not enough and they would need to actually execute the changes too

may be current world environment causing delay to reply. also you can try to get in touch through your purchased item comments and let them know that you have created support ticket. Also you can ask this technical query through comments hope they will answer your technical query.

The author has replied (multiple times) to the ticket and given links etc to how to make the changes.

Asking for “swiper type functionality” Is not as simple as changing the dimensions or height of a div.

Comments like “Dude I don’t want how many people u r handling requests you are doing. I am concerned with my request only” especially when what you are asking for is beyond support are completely unnecessary and unreasonable.

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just checked your open ticket (I didn’t checked because I though the ticket is not public) and found author support team has replied you many times and helped you with screenshots and documentation help. you should to follow the reply guideline. author are resposnible for giving technical query but not responsible for customization and integration. have you checked their guideline!

You need to under stand the whole scenario there He simply informed just change the dimensions for the three images . I have done but still saw there was no change. That thing I have asked