help on blog and other issues

suddenly i cannot place images creating a post in my blog…
some other things seems not to work well
no savings when making changes in txt structures on homepage
can i download the theme again and reinstall it on wp
should i make a backup

means first you pay for the theme and then you pay more for fixing???

Where are my four months of support???

Author support info

thanks i know but there is no response to my questions

How long ago did you send them a ticket? (quite a few authors don’t work weekends).

Assuming you bought the theme less than 6 months ago, if the author does not come back to you (after a reasonable amount of time) then you can contact envato but that theme is a very experienced and highly regarded author so I would be extremely surprised if they don’t help quite quickly.

thanks charlie
i send my first request the 9. of march
on friday
i am using as well gt3 forum but also not much reaction
maybe i am not patient?

They say 1 working day so it would seem like they should have replied.

I’d try once more or maybe use item comments as a last resort

ok and in case what is item comments, where can i find it?

maybe you know where i can find via ftp my databank of uploaded images?

Item comments here

I wouldn’t suggest trying to side step issues with FTP. Based on the issues you are having i’d suggest:

  • Try turning any 3rd party plugins on/off and testing the site with/without them

  • Make sure your WP, theme and plugin versions are up to date

  • See if your hosting PHP version supports all theme, plugins etc.

ok thanks a lot for your replies
i will check your points tomorrow
but i know we tried deactivating any 3rd part plugins
and i think wp theme is uptodate (where can i control this)
good night