My Business Card Hard Rejected. Please advice!

Thanks for giving your time to help me.
Please advice! Why my submission has been hard-rejected!

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Hi bro, Try this tips & trick below :

  • For Print Category must use PSD file for main file

  • The Fonts that you use should free for personal and commercial licensed, I recommend you for using fonts from google font.

  • Usually, GraphicRiver likes minimalist and creative designs and that has a selling point.

I hope you are helpful.

hi i am not sure that this is necessarily required indeed … as u can specify which app u are using anyways. this is for the app part, for the free font, this is optional and reducing to google fonts are something else will greatly limit possibilities indeed. Finally u may be true for minimalistic items, but this does not mean that all buyers do … besides, if it were true , i would have close to no sale at all (what is happening) and if u ask me u do not answer the question why the design was rejected, when there are some practical reasons for this indeed

hi i rather like what u have done and in particular the originality that u have put in your card. This originality is a good thing in a saturated markets where tons of guys have already had tons of cards and styles approved in the past. Though, u are also facing some major trouble here. These reasons may explain the rejection. Let’s get started
1- contrast
this is a basic design principle and messing with this point is clearly not a good idea because of what it is in the first place but this is most importantly again, probably the most trouble making of all principles as violating it, basically means that u get into a collection of other related issues indeed. See following points
2- readability
this is the direct consequence of point 1 … look, having white text on a yellow background simply does not work and means that the text i hardly visible … see point 3 …
3- efficiency and target
indeed. this is a card template pls keep this in mind … if u mess with with the text / personal information , the card is basically of no use whatsoever and u cannot just wait for the customer “to solve the problem” fr you once they have bought it … this is your image as a professional that u are vehiculating … not to mention that here there is a reviewing process to go through to make it for sale and as such , u are 100% guaranteed a rejection in such a case …
4- hierarchy
this is till linked to the contrast issue somehow, some of the essential information are simply not popping out and the sorting by category of importance information does not look to be done properly …
5- branding
the branding requires u to have a good positioning of the logo according to the z-shape reading process, what u have here but as u messed up with the contrast thing, the logo is not given the proper attention and outstanding aspect visually as it should be …
6- icons
they are a bit simple, they look like photoshop presets , they do no bring anything more to the table in terms of graphic design indeed
7- coherence
hard to understand why u have a white stripe in one side when u have none in the other side, i could possibly understand if u had sort of a thicker frame in this side but only one stripe makes this side a bit disconnected from the rest of the card rather than any other thing
8- global style
quite frankly this is a bit hard to understand who is your target with such a style and as the market has dramatically changed in time, this looks like not being the right thing to do nowadays , this is better to try to hit a niche and that this niche can identify it, rather than having something that looks very generic in which people cannot really identify easily all the same …
9- general observation
indeed , the feeling that we may have here is that u are rather selling the graphic part rather than the information, this is taken for granted that the card looking good is vehiculating something positive for people who are given the card but the problem is that in this case, u have rather focused almost exclusively on the way it looks and not the functional part , when design implies both …

Thanks for giving your time and answering me.
Regarding point 1, I saw the required format from the “Print Templates Submission Requirements” articles.
The font that I used is free for personal and commercial licensed.
Anyway, thanks for the guidance.

Thanks for giving your time.
Your point is very useful, thanks for sharing it with me.
I accept your points, and I will try to use them in my works.
Again thanks for your helpful guidance.

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hi u are welcome, if ufeel like u have clues enough as how to take your game to the next level pls check the “solution” box :slight_smile: good work and good luck :slight_smile: