My animations is too basic :(

please give me feedback on my video thank you.

Thank you!

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Hi JeriTeam,

there is no way to put this mildly so I will be blunt here: You are missing basic skills in animation. Videohive may seem like an easy money grab but it isn’t. People who are selling here have learned their profession for a substantial amount of time.

You need to go to elementary school before you try to submit your doctor thesis.

There are a lot of tutorials to follow on after effects or any other motion design tool that you want to work with. Study a lot of animations, how their motion flows, try to recreate them (but don’t sell these recreations, those are for learning) and after you have studied for 6 months, give this another go.

You are way off in your skills to be anywhere near an approval and your habit to open daily threads to ask if you can use other people’s works in your items is very worrying.


Thank you very much, I will copy another animations for my video and study more more more for the quality improve greetings.