I need feedback my video before submit videohive

Hi to all:

I hope you like it because I think that not like it :frowning: but not included audio.


please help me, problem it is too basic or not? :confused:

your template is good,but my suggestion… very basic animation you must take time improve the animation & add more elements

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Almost sure it won’t be accepted. Design is outdated, animation is poor.
It should be recreated or highly improved

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Yes, I know that too basic animation but I add more animation and elements. :slightly_smiling:

Yes, it’s rejected I fix some video more effects animation and add more. but it’s test :slightly_smiling:

and you have simply bunch of repeating comps.

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Wanna take part in a contest?)

So you should work really hard and highly improve your skills to have a chance

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Yes, I want fix some and again upload youtube

A question, do I can copy idea only animation other video (NO DESIGN)?

keep trying bro!