Feedback my video before submit videohive, I need approved. :)

Hi to all:

Please feedback my video after effects navigation if approved videohive, thanks.




Hello friend. Sorry, but in my opinion, it will be getting a hard rejection. It’s too simple, the animation is too slow and I can’t recognize what it is: Lower thirds - Titles or something else in Videohive’s categories? Just change the color of only one design also is a problem. :handshake::hugs:

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Maybe animation is simple, I will make new animation no easy, but my good idea it’s navigation menu but no have categories :frowning:, thanks for you help regards.

This will be 100% rejected. Sorry, but it’s too easy, too slow. Animation is very boring. You created just one strip, and just changed the color. This is not enough. And I don’t understand what it is. I do not understand to whom this can be used. As far as I understand, such things are programmed by programmers, and not made in video editors. Or is it for video tutorials? I do not understand.
Try to see what other authors in this category are doing. Explore the market. Look what’s popular today.

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Many thanks for you help me, I no will submit videohive because it’s rejected, I try practice more video for approved sell videohive regards.


Wish you improve your project, add more different variants, improve animation, and got approval :slight_smile:

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