My account has been locked, i don't know why?

this morning, i was keep trying to open my account, but i could seen that my account has been locked out and i have got following message from envato team.

"Hi Savad,

Upon review of your account It has been identified that content submitted has been duplicated across multiple accounts. This particular activity breaches our terms and conditions. It has also been identified that your items have been purchased multiple times from related accounts which is again a breach of our terms and conditions. Unfortunately due to the severity of this activity we are required to disable all associated accounts including this one

Please contact us after 12 months to initiate consideration of final payout, this will be conditional providing there is no further activity on the Marketplaces attributed to your organisation.

This decision made by Envato is consistent with our terms and conditions, there will not be any further opportunities for review on this decision as it is final.


but i don’t have multiple account or didnt purchase any of my item myself. can anyone help me out?