My 3d logo mockup is hardly rejected.


Too basic this design…

Error shadow, not good texture… etc… try make good quality graphicriver will to be approved.

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The effect does not feel natural or polished

All the logos feel dumped on top of different backgrounds rather than blended properly

The more experienced people like @DesignSomething or @anon2617661 can probably offer more expert suggestion


But if this was the only problem, the rejection should be soft so that I can adjust the background lighting to be more realistic and submit it again, but now I can’t resubmit it

The issue is that the core concept of the glass effect is very poorly executed. Add to this that its just a smart layer effect and not a full action which makes it’s less flexible and valuable, plus the poor blending with the background

Soft rejections are for items which are close. With repsect there’s nothing there and it comes across that it’s both rushed and lack of fundamental design understanding

Based on your recent posts you have submitted multiple items all in very different categories and all in quick succession - this means you are rushing and not doing yourself any favours


Mockups can be great. They make your design look more professional and help the client get an idea of what design can look like in real-world context. There are hundreds of resources out there to help you use or create your own, and that’s for a reason — they work.

But there’s a dark side to the mockup. Designers can rely too much on using a nice mockup to sell a sub-par design. Or, conversely, do a poor job creating the mockup, which distracts the client from the real design or misleading them into thinking they’re going to receive deliverables that they aren’t.

Here are the dos and don’ts you need to know to enhance your best designs with a mockup.

1. Create your design in the correct format.

2. Know how to convert a vector to a raster file

3. Don’t only show the mockup

4. Be clear with your client

5. Don’t take shortcuts

6. Curate your mockups
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Thanks for these unimportant tips :joy::joy: