Why is my mockup hard rejected.. plz help

Hi… i made a 3d calendar mockup… i modeled and rendered the background image … i also modeled wooden stand for the calendar… then i used the photoshop well organized and renamed layers for easy editing… i also used a sample image inside the smart object for preview… (i designed that sample image)… i made its documentation in pdf… i mean each and everthing is my own in high quality… even the fonts are Arial… no sime special fonts… and i got the email that it isnt the quality standard and not to submit again… plz help any body…


If you want to get feedback for your item then upload your demo here expert author will reply to you with feedback.


Ok thank you so much for fast reply :slight_smile: … i will do that

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Here is the link if someone can kindly review… Thank u so much

This is not about file organization quality. It’s about design quality.

You have problems on all points of design:
Textures are bad and of poor quality. It looks like a 3D sample of 2000. it looks unnatural. perspective is also broken (the direction of the texture lines of the lower part of the stand does not coincide with the direction of the texture lines on the front part). also the texture is different in scale.
Arial font, this is another hello from 2000. this font also looks outdated. Everyone has long abandoned him.
Typography. violated elementary typographic rules. the correct distances between design elements and text blocks are not respected.
Layout. why is the calendar on the right? on the left we see a lot of empty space. what is this for? why is the stand not in the middle of the image? the table is not a bit parallel to the wall. it’s also not nice to look at.
Idea. I don’t see it here. this item will not bring something new to the market, and will not be able to compete with similar products.
General style. all of the above makes your product unattractive and outdated.

Try to compare the product with the top products on the market and analyze it. This will help you understand what level of design you need to make to be approved in the Envato market. Good luck! :wink:

Ok thanks for the review :slight_smile: …i will take care in next products

There is something I believe
Graphic river has a list of 5star authors, whenever they upload a file graphicriver never check their file
but for others almost nothing will approve.
check them out, sometimes they upload disaster and it is accepted


Hahahah… right… thats what i noticed as well

hello ,
gonna check sure will send you PM about the review.



I also have noticed many of those. I tried a lot to go with something similar but got rejection on all of them.:sweat_smile:

Reviewers check absolutely all items. It’s best to try to find the reason of rejection in your rejected items, and not in one more conspiracy theory

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