"it isn't at the quality standard required"

this is my 2nd time uploading this mock up collection trying so hard to make it work and it got a soft rejection
Idk what am I supposed to change in order for them to accept it
the first time it got a hard rejection :confused:

this is the image preview, and I was supposed to upload all of my work as a preview image set for the viewers to take a look at. I made roughly 32 objects from scratch 3d designing them to exporting bits to photoshop etc… it was a pain

here’s a few samples

should i replace the test design with a grid ?
please help :frowning:
PS: all of the small designs inside each object i designed by myself.

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hi i think that some shadowing needs to be made slightly more realistic at some points but for me the item seems rather fair overall … i am not sure that doubling items really helps you and that there is a real interest for possible users and buyers … something for sure is that a slightly brighter environment would not hurt and that it would be could to invest some time to create something more selling to put in your mockups that this quickly done design that gets worst when u add the strange looking gradient, which brings disconnection to the table more than any other thing …


in regard the shadowing it is a 3 point lighting 3D scene, and as for the doubling, I made it quite clear in the discription that it is fully editable and with everything being in separate layers as a buyer you can delete or keep anything you want and change the color of pretty much everything. so overall a more brighter environment and tweak the light adjustment, noted.
thank you so much for the help. I really hope that it gets accepted :frowning:

i think that the doubling thing is confusing unless u show that u have both possibilities in the previews, as i guess that u are not unaware that a lof to people turn out not to read descriptions and certainly not careful enough so that they identify about it … for the shadowing as for the rest , indeed, it depends on u … if u do not want to touch anything , do accordingly but the fact that this is editable does not justify that this is not completely perfect anyways … as reviewers will have the look at the thing and if they feel like it could better , they may very well hard reject your item … this is a risk u are running …

sadly I’m quite aware, but this collection contains 32 different objects, how am I going to present that in a short preview form with every detail there is :frowning:

PS: I have adjusted the brightness and contrast to have a more lighter colors and a different inside smart layer pattern + additional instruction tweaks here and there.
hope it works

lol yes but maybe the solution would have been to alternate a bit rather than having double ones everywhere … for the rest , if u did all u said properly , i guess that will increase your chances :slight_smile:

I should hope so, I’m really tired of changing stuff that I don’t even know if that will do it or not. tired of being left in the darkness not knowing what do they want me to change.

Anyhow, thanks alot for the help, much obliged sir!.

call me nico buddy, pls. thanks, for the rest, i clearly identify what u are meaning by this … not to mention that nowadays , they may hard reject an item out of presuming things that are not …

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