Gallery Mock Up Hard Rejected Help

Hi Envato Community,

I had An item A gallery mock up that was hard rejected it was made in 3d with high resolution but no chance. I want to know if i still have chance to change something to ger proved again.


I like this itme i dont know for what this itme was hard reject

I think is about problems in smart object

can i send u the file to check it?

Yes you can

I don’t have this file in my computer I will send u another that was

​This Roll up was also hard rejected im shocked.

I’m also I had sent them such work was not accepted due to its presence in abundance

yes this can be the real reason because i saw item with less quality beig

we must always think original.

Yes you right

Make the mock-up more customizable!

  • If I change the background color, the shadows look odd, they are not transparent.
  • Add smart filter to the smart objects so that the images looks more real, more like printed on banners
  • Add adjustment filters (brightness, levels, photofilter etc.) for changing the
    appearance of the whole scene

Thanks for the Help I really missed these points.