Need Feedback for a design

I recently submit my first design but it got rejected here is the preview.
can you guys help me with that as in my opinion it’s good to submit but still it need some more work so what would it be?
Thanks in Advance.

Hi, the design, (as far as l can tell) has the fact that it is a mochup, (not a good idea) and the main lettering is hard to read.

Good luck.

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hi i personally cannot understand how a mock up can be hard rejected unless this is really poorly executed … . I honestly do not understand what is supposed to be the problem with your work. bad luck , i guess. Just find another place to upload it and sale it or otherwise put in your website as a freebie to create some traffic there and try to make the most of it to increase your sales here …

tmcom it’s hard rejected so the lettering is not an issue. n2n44 yep i’ll put 1 for free on my site and other 5 as premium :wink:

Yes, ok, but they probably rejected it, because the mockup graphic or blank pamphlet is part of the overall design?

No ones wants to buy a mockup with a self promotion on every product they churn out?

This properly isn’t the case, but from what you have shown us, that is what it looks like?

If the review team thought the same thing, then it is pretty obvious why it got canned.

If you redesigned the first image again, and got rid of the promotion at the bottom it will probably have a good chance of getting through!


Hi Shane, i personally don’t think so , i mean maybe they rejected because of this, but it seems to me that, if so , they should choose to soft reject and explain … . I am also not completely sure about it, but it seems to me that al previews are different files and that he just put them altogether for presentation matters , so i guess that should not be an issue …

But there is some confusion, (is the top image graphic included or is it just an example?) and if it is included, why put the fact that it is a mockup?

The mods are worried that if the top image is lncluded then the bottom part is destroying that: or that it would take too much time and constitute a new product if Sandman, got rid of the bottom image, so the purchaser has a design he can use on some or most of the mockups?

Either way it is a bad choice. Best to have an example only.


i personally have a question also lol is the Sandman the guy that we use to see in ECW? lol more seriously i guess that this is better that Sandman just try to make things clear so that he knows what the real deal … if this is really due to this confusion or if they just did not like his item …

Thanks to all for your feedback, let me explain the image i posted. the first image with colorful design is a sample of how your design will look like after generating the mockup and other 6 designs where it says (your design goes here) are the scenes where user can put his/her design and it will placed on the blue area.
And as it is just a mockup product so i can not add a template i reviewed alot of graphicriver designs first where they put a sample design on mockup to show their product and i did the same :confused:

Ok, l guess that they just didn’t like it, or may thought that it was too dated?

I personally like it, so yeah, a pity.

I hope that you researched recent ones, old designs may have things that Envato don’t allow now?


NOP I just look at the requirements and presentation style and i did it exactly as it required in these day :frowning:

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