Music Videos - Free Promotion Opportunity

Hello All,

My partner and I recently started a YouTube music video channel that promotes music from independent musicians. It’s called Human Nature Music Videos and here’s a link to the channel:

As someone who has been in the AJ forums for several years now (with a different username), I’d like to offer FREE promo to songwriters with music that is NOT on AJ that they would like to promote. I do not charge fellow musicians for my services. All expenses involved in creating and promoting the videos are on me. I do this for fun, not profit, and we have no intentions of becoming a licensing platform that would compete with AJ.

The promotion will be in the form of a music video for your song created from very high quality stock videos from a top content provider. Currently, the videos are in HD, but will soon be in 4K. We prefer vocal music with excellent vocals instead of instrumental tracks at this time. We will consider doing videos for electronic instrumentals, but they are much less likely to be selected.

If you wish to submit your song - which again, cannot be offered on AJ, please visit the channel first, then send a private message to me, here in this forum or through the YouTube channel, with a link to your finished and fully produced track. If selected, we will add a link to your AJ page in the video description and help promote your tracks here and elsewhere, but the music videos we create are for popular styles and a regular listen audience. We are not interested in creating videos for corporate, motivational, inspiring, or in other ways boring tracks. We are very picky in terms of vocals and production, so please send your best. Check out the channel to get an idea of the sort of quality we offer in terms of music videos and the quality we require for submission acceptance.

A separate channel is being planned for trailer music videos where we create mock movie trailers. We will be looking for great trailer music in the near future and I’ll let you know if and when that channel starts up. That too will be a promotional opportunity for you and not a “demo reel” for us. We don’t need that or the money. This is a labor of love.

Thanks… and we’re looking forward to hearing some good music!