Where do you find videos to promote your AJ music on Youtube?

Hello everyone,

As some of you have seen on here already, I am relatively new to the site but have been in the music licensing game for a few years (have had stuff on network television and such) - I firmly believe the future is in micro licensing and think that Audiojungle is at the forefront of this movement.

I would like to start promoting my stuff on Youtube, but am trying to figure out where I can find either CC videos to use as a background or cross-promote with some other video creators (perhaps from Videohive?).

I wanted to ask the individuals in this community how they go about promoting their stuff on Youtube - where do you find your videos?

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I use pictures but there is tons of free stuff on Vimeo!

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Try searching in the Creative Commons section of vimeo, that’s where I find most of my source footage for promo videos, there is a public domain section as well, but it seems to be more difficult to find good footage there. If you use something from the CC with attribution section, you just have to credit the source footage provider in your end credits, and info text.

I agree with using the CC videos at Vimeo. That’s what I’ve been doing for a while. You may also get a client from this if you let them know the video’s posted so they can see how well your music fits the video.

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