Music rejected everytime!!



Hello guys!
I’m a music Producer : Massi Production, i work with FL studio 12, and i save my music at 320 kbps, 16 bit
But everytime i upload it here, they reject my request i didn"t understood the problem yet.
Can anyone help please! And if it’s a problem of Software, whiche one should i choose,


I think the problem is not the software , you can posting here tracks for review , and our community will tell you what’s wrong )


Yes i knew that it’s not because of the software but i was not sure. Anyway i’ll post some of my music that was rejected :


think you need to work on harmony and make balance with the tools in some places for too long plays a part of music ) in principle, not bad )


Thanks Sir! appreciate that.


Maybe try a shorter intro.
The whole track might be a bit monotonious for this length, it could be shorter.
I think the sound quality and the mix is great, it shouldn’t be a reason for the rejection IMO.


I’m new to envato, the female voice is very repetitive and makes me lose focus on other tracks…


That’s not the problem, because they force us to do that.
But i get rejected everytime, wtf !!!


Can you tell me the uploading process, and what software you use ? because really i get made of this rejections.


Hi, I use MacOS, logic pro x, kontakt, waves, Emu 0204, JBL, headphones beyedner 770 250 om, nord stage 2, and more …:wink:


I also used Fl 12, I think the arrangement is quite to far to the standard arrangement of AJ… Try to listen to the others music and try to rearrange it. make it simple intro and also the end part of your projects.

Regards: Audiolineup


Hi there!
I think you did a very good job, the idea is very nice! maybe they found the melody repeating too much…you could try a variation of that in the second part of the track?
Mix and balance sounds good to me :slight_smile:

uploading rules are:

  • preview mp3 (with AJ watermark) 320
  • zip file containing: mp3 (320) and wav (16 bit - 44.100) with NO watermark; song logo.

Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Hi there, Audio jungle receive thousands cool music parts every day, we really must be so harmonic origin to come in w AJ. :wink:
Good luck


Thank you very much! Glad you like my job, I’ll try again or compose another music.
Good luck


Yeah of course! No pain no gaine hahaha lol


I just had three tracks rejected too. Can anyone give them a listen and let me know what you think may be wrong? I have them on my sound cloud account and have added my own watermark.

I would love any feedback on what I need to do differently to get my music accepted.