Music on a previews

How to find the music in templates such as this one.

Can anyone direct me to the link?!

It should be easy, as the video template author has an obligation to credit the music used in their templates. Such a shame this is not the case here.

@Toyda can you amend and credit the music?

Hey! My project page has all the necessary links: [link removed]

Unfortunately, links are not allowed in item page descriptions.

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Unfortunately, links are not allowed in item page descriptions. (about elements)

Even without actually linking to the music item, you still have to credit the music. Have a look at Ben’s post from earlier today.

I spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that every page of my product had all the necessary links. Music, video, fonts… I would do this for elements too, if it weren’t for the prohibition on editing.

I’ll take a look at what Ben wrote. But I will wait for an official and agreed decision. I take the rules seriously.

There’s no need to wait. The rules have been official and agreed upon for years now.

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I did everything that is said here, except for the description in the elements themselves. It just doesn’t work for me right now. I’m waiting for an official decision not for the rules, but for links to be properly supported.

And there should be clarity, if the author of the music is on the elements, what link should I indicate? Market or elements?

In addition, we still have contradictions (

Well, that’s precisely what you must do.

While you wait, the music still has to be credited, it’s not your decision. You have to name the music author and title, as described in the Envato documentation.

Great, I can work on this soon.
But this will not be of any benefit to customers. Author’s name and track title can be easily changed.
Need adequate support for direct references to items

Here’s an example of how it’s supposed to be done:
[link removed]

It’s better than nothing. The item ID number does not change. But I agree it’s not enough and should be better integrated and link directly to the assets used.

Yes, sometimes something is better than nothing. But this is a stupid job, for the sake of “a little better than nothing.” I propose to stop the discussion here, I will write to ben in the thread that you indicated. Perhaps we will be able to get a convenient tool for integration.

Maybe so, but without it, you fail to hold your end of the agreement you have with the music author, which is to credit the music. You’ve agreed to this when you agreed to Envato’s TOS. This agreement is legally binding. Not crediting the music is a clear violation of the agreement and thus nullifies your right to use the music. This is pretty serious. Much more serious than the careless attitude of many VideoHive authors, who just don’t want to bother doing the right thing, would suggest.

I wrote that you should not flood here. I’m not going to break the rules, it seems obvious to me.

Hi Toyda! That’s a good question - at a minimum, the item description should include details at least one of those options, in order to properly credit the Audio author.

Edit: I’ll check to see what the current best practice recommendations are, but the track name, author name and Item ID are all worth including. That maximises the chance that a customer can easily track down the relevant track on AudioJungle.

Hello Ben!

Thanks, I’ll be waiting. I asked a few more questions on the topic in another forum thread

Thank you for the information.

I downloaded the template a just fancied having the music to go with it in our development of the video.

I agree, a link to the sound track should be somewhere on the template file and also links to the video content in the preview.

I understand it my be daunting to include the preview video snippets but believe me, for a novice like me it helps tremendously.