Music Licenses Question (in the competition)

Hi, everyone,
Some of my friends are learning how to make a short film using Maya. After completing the film, besides to upload to their personal website, they also want to add a little soundtrack and then go to various festivals or competitions. In this case, is the standard music license enough?
I have appreciated you for taking the time to answer this question.

Hello! You can find out more about music licenses here.

Good luck!

hi, thanks your reply…
I know this page, but can not find any rules about participating in the “competition”…
It’s not belong to commercial, but not only on web. I usually suggest my friend to buy broadcast. Is this right? or Standard is enough??

@blackingwing I would advise this question to clarify in support of Envato, open the support ticket. They will be happy to help you!

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As long as it’s only web and “indie festival” film, standard license should be ok for you. Here you can find Indie Film definition:

Indie Film A film not for general theatrical release. “Indie Film” includes a student film, a film distributed on online user generated platforms, and a film festival screening.