Is Music Standard License Enough?


I am a video editor freelancer, I want to buy an Audiojungle music license for my client.
It’s a music that will be in the video I have created for them.

The video will be published on the website of my client and broadcasted in loop during events like a private professional congress/convention. Is the Music Standard License enough?

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Hi there,
given the use (web + private broadcast) I would say that a “Music broadcast” license is the best choice.
All the best with your work!

Thank you for your help!

I need a Music Broadcast License even though the broadcast definition doesn’t seem to match?
My client will use my video to present his business in a congress/convention.

“Broadcast = (a) Traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. terrestrial, cable or satellite TV, broadcast radio); or (b) Mobile or online substitutes for traditional television or radio broadcast (e.g. mobile TV, IPTV (streaming TV or video-on-demand), streaming radio)”

I thought the Music Standard License will be accurate. There is this part of the Music Standard License that confuses me :

" You are licensed to use the Item in one of the following ways ( Allowed Use ), in a single application (a single product or project):

1. […]
2. specific direct playback uses, which are background music for one event, venue or location, one company’s private on-hold music system, or one personal mobile ring-tone "

Thanks a lot

Broadcast, as defined in the terms applies only to TV broadcast (or modern equivalent).

From your description, the Standard license is indeed sufficient, as you’ve read in the terms.

Hope it helps!