Music License and broadcast

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I have a question about the standard license:

I want to use a music from envato to merge to a video. It seems to correspond to this " synchronisation with an audio-visual or audio-only work, to create one End Product that incorporates the Item as well as other things"

At the same time, I will put the audio on a website. On this website, there will be one web page where the visitor clicks on “start exercise”. Upon clicking of “start exercise”, the video will run during 5 minutes (duration of the exercise).

Is it falling under broadcast or the standard license is enough ? I have problems understanding what broadcast exactly mean.

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For just web use like yours it should be “Standard License”. Broadcast license covers the use for commercials that run on Radio, TV, or events.

When you say you’ll also put the music on a website… is that the music that’s in the video you’ve created? If so, that’s fine… you can make a video and then post it to Youtube, Vimeo, on your website etc. And if it’s the same series of videos then you can do one a week over a period of a year on the same single license.

But if you’re creating a video with the music, and you’re using the music on the website separately, then you’ll need a second license as it’s a different end product.

Sounds like yours might be the first example, but it wasn’t 100% clear, so thought I’d clarify the uses just in case

Thank you for your answer. The music will be in the created video I created as background music.
I wanted to know how you define “broadcast”. What is the difference between broadcasting and posting on youtube vimeo website…

Also you are talking about a period of a year. Is the license for one year only?
Thanks in advance

I have just one question …I have found music that I want to use as my intro for my all my you tube videos I will be making. Does the standard license cover that?? If not which license does?

Thank you very much for your answer. I understand now :-:grinning: