Music Standard Licence question


I want to know whether the music standard license for a tutorial/marketing video covers the below:
Pre-roll ads (like in youtube)
General web advertisement.
I couldn’t find this information in the AudioJungle website and I did not get a reply from Envato’s customer service.


A standard license could cover all online usage, such as Youtube ad etc. As long as you use it only on online media then standard license would be enough.

Thanks! Even if it’s for advertising? such as banners on a 3rd party’s websites?
I know I can upload it to youtube, but pre-roll ads as well?

I think so, because it’s said for all online usage. :wink:

Which license do I need to use an item in a commercial?
You only need a Regular License where the end product is an advertisement, as the audience does not have to pay to view it.

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thank you! this is very helpful :slight_smile:
I missed a part of your comment but now I understand.