Music licenses for APP


Our company has an downloadable APP that wants to buy the copyright music of your website, to be used as the background music in the operation process.

We don’t know whether the purchase fee is a one-time payment or not, in addition, like our downloadable APP, what kind of music licenses should we buy?


Hi Jerry, the licence that you need for an app is the ‘Mass Reproduction Licence’. You can select it from the drop-down menu next to the item price. If you are licencing it for the app only, this will just be a one-time payment. For further use, for instance, if you wanted to use the same tune in a corporate video, or perhaps a promo video for the app, then that would need its own separate licence at the time the video is released. It’s one licence per use case.

Here’s the licence Ts & Cs which explains it in more detail:

And the licence FAQ:


Additionally you will not own the copyright / that only ever belongs to the authors. Licenses here are permission to use, not exclusively by you