Music license / Music Broadcast or Music Broadcast & Film?

Hello everybody,
my animation studio has been asked to produce a short commercial that will be broadcasted on TV.
My client just told me there’s also a chance it will be used in cinemas as one of those commercial you see just before the projection.

Which licence should I go for? Music Broadcast or Music Broadcast & Film?
Again, the track will be used in a commercial that will be used in cinemas, not in the movie itself.



The type of broadcast license you need depends on the potential reach of the channel your commercial will be broadcast on.

Fox example if the channel has the potential to reach less than a million people, then you’ll want to choose the MB (1million) license, if between 1 million et ten millions, then you’ll need the MB (10 millions) license, and if over 10 millions, then the Music Broadcast and Films is required.

Note that the potential reach is not to be confused with the actual audience score.

In any case, if your commercial spot is going to play in movie theaters as well, then you will need the Broadcast and Films license, regardless of your TV potential audience.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Were do I get the 1 million license from?
Best regards!

There’s a dropdown meny next to the price on the item page:

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You also want to make sure the Music Broadcast (1Million) is the right fit for your use, as typically it only applies to specific hyper-localized areas.

Okay, I will.
But as I pay 29 Dollar a month I dont think I can see a price button?
Best, Patrice

Oh, sorry didn’t know you were an Elements subscriber. The Elements license specifically exclude Broadcasts. The broadcast licenses are only available on Audiojungle. So, you would have to buy it there.

Hope it clears things up!

Yes! Thankyou a lot!