Broadcast of a Video that includes as background music a audio track

Hi Community,

I’m a paid member of Envato Elements and my job is filmmaking.

One of my customers has been told to participate in some kind of awards and there is a big possibility that the video is shown on TV.

Would be any troubles with the license of the background music? the end product is a video filmed and produced by me, using that music track as background music.

Thanks in advance and would appreciate a lot any comments asap

Cheers and stay safe!

As far as i know Elements does not include Broadcasting licence.
You should buy a Broadcast licence for that track in this case.

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Cool! Thanks Magicmood.

Any ideas of how to do that? as you cannot really get in touch with the creator, do we?

Thanks for your quick response!

you could search the track in audiojungle. Then you can purchase the proper licence.

Elements only include Standard License.
For a Broadcast use you need to buy the chosen one in Audiojungle.

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Thank you very much guys, so going back to AudioJungle I’ll have more options :slight_smile: Will check and let you know! Have a great day

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